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Afrika Korps Unterfeldwebel - Uniform Impression

Several mistakes in this video :

  • The M43 cap presented has never existed;
  • Half-shelter in sand yellow has never existed;
  • The canvas shovel holder has never existed, it should be in leather;
  • The coconut canteen has hardly been used in Africa. but if you have a photo, I'm interested, I have one in Italy.
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Fallschirmjäger Norvège 1940 - Uniforme video impression

The Officer tress is missing on the collar.

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Grossdeutschland Panzer Uniform

Little mistake : our soldier should be Gefreiter to be officer candidate.

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Luftwaffe officer - Uniform impression

  • The Schirmmütze displayed is not good: the pipe should be in silver (instead of white)
  • It's a Walther PP and not a PPK
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Panzer Afrika Korps - Libya 1941 - Panzer uniform impression

The name of Libya in the title is not good (in French)